Friday, December 30, 2005

Skogsøy 30 Dec 2005

Day one of the three day New Year Bird Race:

Technically the best bird was a Carrion Crow (svartkråke) at Herdlevær but to me two Great Northern Diver (islom) together on the sea were far better, not to mention good views of at least two White-tailed Eagle (havørn).

Managed to take pictures of varying quality of some of the species.

Great Northern Diver Islom 2
Great Cormorant Storskarv 5
European Shag Toppskarv 40
Grey Heron Gråhegre 3
Mallard Stokkand 3
Common Eider Ærfugl 400
Long-tailed Duck Havelle 30

Common Scoter Svartand 30
Common Goldeneye Kvinand 18
Red-breasted Merganser Siland 10

White-tailed Eagle Havørn 2
Eurasian Sparrowhawk Spurvehauk 1
Common Snipe Enkeltbekkasin 1
Common Gull Fiskemåke 1
Herring Gull Gråmake 100
Great Black-backed Gull Svartbak 20
Common Guillemot Lomvi 1
Black Guillemot Teist 2
Winter Wren Gjerdesmett 5
European Robin Rødstrupe 2
Common Blackbird Svartrost 2
Redwing Rødvingetrost 1
Crested Tit Toppmeis 2
Coal Tit Svartmeis 2
Great Tit Kjøttmeis 4
Black-billed Magpie Skjære 4
Hooded Crow Kråke 20

Carrion Crow Svartkråke 1

Common Raven Ravn 3
Common Starling Stær 9
European Greenfinch Grønnfink 12

Common Crossbill Grankorsnebb 10

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