Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tjeldstø 03 March 2007 - Ringing

Ringing in progress
Robin rødstrupe

Blackbird svarttrost

Chaffinch bokfink

Greenfinch grønnfink
Made attempts to catch the ringed Tree Sparrow pilfink in my garden today without success. However, a total of 34 birds were caught and ringed: 21 Greenfinch grønnfink, 5 Great Tit kjøttmeis, 4 Blackbird svarttrost, a Blue Tit blåmeis and a Robin rødstrupe.

Highlight was undoubtedly a party of four Goldfinch stillits which turned up as we set the nets up - the first of this relatively rare species this winter at Tjeldstø. A Black-headed Gull hettemåke was also a new arrival.

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