Friday, June 08, 2007

Tjeldstø 08 June 2007 - Spotted Crake

Having been housebound working on a report all week which I finally sent it off at 01:00; taking a cold beer out on my terrace the sound of the can opening coincided with the calling of a Spotted Crake myrikse! This too was a new species for Øygarden, the second this week. However, the nature reserve at Tjeldstø is a perfect place for the species so it wasn't totally unexpected.

It sang for at least an hour, easily audible from the cycle path by the main road (or my house!). Typically it threw its voice all over the place, sometimes sounding as if it was at my feet, at other times distant. I even began to wonder if there were two...

Other sightings during this time included roding Woodcock rugde and a few deer.

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