Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Skogsøy 12 March 2008

Male Long-tailed Duck havelle
Female Long-tailed Duck havelle
Raven ravn
Eider Ærfugl
Shelduck gravand
Surprisingly little migration given the good conditions. However, spring very much in the air with Rock Pipits skjærpiplerke now in full song, a Lapwing vipe rested on the rocks and the first Snow Bunting snøspurv at Skogsøy this year flew over. On my way back to the car a Shelduck gravand flew over - another new species for Skogsøy this year.
A Peregrine vandrefalk was finally at its "usual" place and made a hunting foray at least a couple of kilometres out to sea where it dived at "something". A Great Northern Diver islom headed south.
A couple of Woodpigeon ringdue at Herdlevær were the first there this year and a White-tailed Eagle havørn beat up on the gulls.
As darkness fell yet another Eagle Owl hubro site was confirmed.....

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