Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tjeldstø 07 May 2008 - Peregrines

Peregrines vandrefalk hunting Common Gulls fiskemåke

Not birding much today, took advantage of heavy fog to get some domestic stuff out of the way. However, it cleared up nicely and the noise of terrified gulls over the garden had me rushing outside with the camera as it generally means only one thing - raptors. This time it was two Peregrine vandrefalk on the prowl. An adult and a juvenile by the looks of things....

Other highlights included the first singing Cuckoo gjøk of the year at Tjeldstø (the first for Øygarden was seen several days ago), the first Common Whitethroat tornsanger (the first for Øygarden was reported from Hellesøy on 4th May) and a singing Lesser Whitethroat møller back at its "usual" spot.

The first of the Lapwing vipe chicks hatched today.

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