Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Skogsøy 05 August 2008

Collared Dove tyrkedue, Skogsøy

Seawatching was a total disaster, a deluge stopped any passage there might have been from 06:00 onwards. A Shelduck gravand was the only bird of interest.
Soaked through I waited and although the rain eased off it didn't stop so I headed back. A Peregrine vandrefalk meant the walk wasn't a total waste of time.

A drive-by at Herdlevær produced quite a bit of actvity - the rain had obviously deposited migrants in the gardens there - among them a Pied Flycatcher svarthvitfluesnapper and a Sedge Warbler sivsanger. "Only" one confirmed Two-barred Crossbill båndkorsnebb today - a male in the "bombehagen".

A couple of Collared Dove tyrkedue and a Tree Sparrow pilfink were also worth a mention.

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