Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hernar 09 October 2008 - A Great day out!

A picture worth crawling in the mud for - Jack Snipe kvartbekkasin
Garden Warbler hagesanger
Great Grey Shrike varsler
Goldcrest fuglekonge

A most enjoyable day out with plenty to see without any major rarities. Highlights were superb views of a Jack Snipe kvartbekkasin, a Great Grey Shrike varsler and an up close and personal experience with one of two Water Rails vannrikse present on the island. The latter find provoked an unlikely sounding conversation:
"Where is the Water Rail?"
"Behind the fridge"
Where else would a Water Rail have been...? Perhaps one had to be there.

The supporting cast included at least one Lapland Bunting lappspurv, a flock of six Snow Bunting snøspurv, a Garden Warbler hagesanger, at least a couple of Chiff-chaff gransanger and two Blackcap munk. A Nuthatch spettmies may well have been the most unusual bird of the day on Hernar.

Chiff-chaff gransanger

Nuthatch spettmeis

Twite bergirisk numbers were somewhat reduced from the previous visit with "only" around 60 present, a couple of White-tailed Eagle havørn and plenty more besides meant that there was barely a dull moment. Plenty of thrushes and large numbers of Blue tit blåmeis on the move.

Typically shortly before the boat home arrived a series of unidentified birds including at least three different warblers decided to show themselves......
And with such and enjoyable day it didn't seem to matter that we dipped on the Rosy Starling rosenstær seen at Herdlevær today.....

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