Friday, January 02, 2009

Øygarden 01 January 2009 - New Year's Bird Race day 2

I started the day at Solberg where the first bird of 2009 was a Woodcock rugde. A few White-tailed Eagles havørn, several Fieldfare gråtrost and most of the usual suspects also seen. A bonus sighting was an Otter oter. However, new species for the bird race were thin on the ground with just a Mallard stokkand (something of an achievment to not see this species yesterday!) and a Redpoll (presumeably mealy) gråsisik added to the list.

Meeting up with more of "Team Øygarden" at Tjeldstø things picked up considerably with Teal krikkand, Common Snipe enkeltbekkasin, two Tufted Duck toppand and a Goldfinch stillits added to the tally.

A quick check at Alvheim was crushingly disappointing - although three Purple Sandpiper fjæreplytt at close range meant it wasn't a total waste of time. At least four White-tailed Eagle havørn present here.

With further reinforcements swelling our numbers to three we heded on to Hjelme Vest where yet more species were bagged - Great Northern Diver islom, Black Guillemot teist and Common Gull fiskemåke all added. At one point there were 8 White-tailed Eagle havørn visible simultaneously and other sightings of note were a flock of at least 40 Purple Sandpiper fjæreplytt nd two Curlew storspove. Worryingly the lack of auks continued....

A quick check at Hjelme produced only another Woodcock rugde.

A bonus bird in the form of a Lesser-spotted Woodpecker dvergspett was reported in from Skjold. More predictably Little Grebe dvergdykker was seen at Rong taking the total number of species seen in Øygarden to at least 52.

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