Monday, April 13, 2009

Tjeldstø 13 April 2009

Colour ringed White-tailed Eagle havørn
Second year Rook kornkråke

Jackdaw kaie

After a week away in Northumberland I came back to find I'd missed out on a Smew lappfiskand that would have been a new species for my house list....however, the birds "back home" were well worth it.
Plenty more new arrivals today in the form of Linnets tornirisk, Reed bunting sivspurv, a Rook kornkråke, 10 Jackdaw kaie, Hedge Accentor jernspurv and a singing Chiff-chaff gransanger.

Lots of activity in the reserve with various species of wildfowl and wader obviously well established and possibly even on eggs.
In the evening a Redshank rødstilk was another new arrival at Tjeldstø and the long staying Greenland Whitefront tundragås turned up again.

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