Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hernar 26 August 2009 - GREENISH WARBLER!

Greenish Warbler østanger

Another superb day on Hernar. A frustrating start to the day when an interesting phylloscopus turned up almost as soon as I arrived but then promptly disappeared for the rest of the day - only to turn up just before the boat left. Typical.

The last set of views left no doubts and the bird was also very vocal at this time - it was a Greenish Warbler østsanger - and only about the fourth record for the county. Wicked!

Goshawk hønsehauk

There were few passerine migrants on the island, just small numbers of Willow Warblers løvsanger. Plenty of other stuff though with a fly over Temmincks stint temmincksnipe, a Goshawk hønsehauk, a Merlin dvergfalk and an assortment of waders on the move. A Whimbrel småspove fed with a small flock of Curlew storspove on the island.

Whimbrel småspove

The local Twite bergirisk and White-tailed Eagles havørn barely got a look today...


lrsk said...

Nice Julian!

Newton Stringer said...

Crackin greenish !!