Saturday, May 08, 2010

Tjeldstø 08 May 2010 - Black-tailed Godwits

Black-tailed Godwits svarthalespove from yesterday evening (didn't leave the house for the birds that turned up today)

Part of a flock of 25+ Golden Plover heilo out in the reserve today

White-tailed Eagle havørn bugging the geese

Northerly winds and sunny weather meant that Skogsøy should have been the first choice today.

Stayed at home and was rewarded with the Pinkfoot kortnebbgås that turned up yesterday.

In the late afternoon a flock of four Black-tailed Godwit svarthalespove flew in and landed beside Husvatnet - no doubt different birds to the three seen late yesterday evening and not seen again.

The first Lapwing vipe and Greylag grågås chicks were seen today - a couple of days after the first Mallard stokkand chicks were seen. Strange to think that some birds have young whilst others have yet to even arrive...

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