Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Herdlevær 23 August 2010 - Frustration!

Documentation picture of Barred Warbler hauksanger - manual focus, 1000 ISO and very slow shutter speeds were the only option here.

First year Red Knot polarsnipe

Knot polarsnipe coming in to land

Knot polarsnipe
First year Dunlin myrsnipe
Cormorant storskarv

Calm and sunny.
The day started off well enough with waders showing well in the sunshine. Knot polarsnipe, Dunlin myrsnipe and others landed on the rocks in front of where I was eating my breakfast.
On the way back to the car a couple of Reed Bunting sivspurv, a male Blackcap munk and a Goshawk hønsehauk were obvious signs that things were happening.

Stupidly I returned in the evening in fading light. A / the Barred Warbler hauksanger gave very difficult views and a / the acro warbler also gave glimses as it lurked in the vegetation. Despite spending a couple of hours at it no decent views or pictures were obtained.

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