Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tjeldstø 21 October 2010

Tufted Duck toppand
Female Tufted Duck toppand showing very dark upperparts

Female Tufted Duck toppand

Tufted duck toppand. Left hand bird showing much white on the face but not over the top of the bill
Inside working all day but managed a very brief stroll out as the light was fading. Rather frustrating as large flocks of thrushes etc were passing throughout the day.
A flock of six Tufted Duck toppand on Rotevatnet and the female Common Scoter svartand on Husvatnet were the only sightings of interest. One of Tufted Duck toppand, probably a first year female, looked rather like a Scaup bergand but closer views revealled the hint of a tuft on the back of the head and the upperparts were rather too dark for this species.

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