Friday, November 05, 2010

Øygarden 05 November 2010 Rosefinch again

Common Rosefinch rosenfink, Hjelme
Roadside Grey Heron gråhegre

One of two adult White-tailed Eagle havørn at Hellesøy

A Lapland Bunting lappspurv and two Jackdaw kaie flying over at Breivik were the best birds here. Also Bullfinch dompap giving the eastern "trumpet" call.

Herdlevær was relatively quiet with just Bullfinch dompap and a Treecreeper trekryper of note.

The Common Rosefinch rosenfink was still at Hjelme. Latest ever observation in Norway?

A lot of stuff has obviously moved on in the good conditions - no sign of the geese and thrush numbers have dropped appreciably.

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