Sunday, March 06, 2011

Skogsøy 06 March 2011

Two of eight Skylark sanglerke at Herdlevær
Two Mistle Thrush duetrost at Herdlevær - typically very flighty

Calm with a hard frost.
Spring migration continued today with over 75 Gannet havsule, 25 Oystercatcher tjeld and the first Puffin lunde of the year heading north. A southwards movement of Shags toppskarv was also typical for the time of year.

More auks today but the vast majority at extreme range.
A couple of Great Northern Diver islom flew south and there was another Puffin lunde on the sea.
A drive-by at Herdlevær produced a flock of eight Skylark sanglerke and the best sighting of the day - two Mistle Thrush duetrost.

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