Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tjeldstø 24 May 2011 - Dotterel!

Fresh South-westerly and occasional showers after gales during the night.

After a bad start to the day (trampoline blown 150m out of the garden and completely destroyed!) things improved greatly. The same winds that caused so much bother had also deposited two Dotterel boltit in the reserve - a new Øygarden species for me. This long awaited species has only been recorded a few times at most in Øygarden. Normally I see this species on Gullfjell or the Hardangervidda - great to finally see it so close to home. A flock of four waders flying over the house earlier in the day also struck me as being this species.

Other migrants were a couple of Barnacle Geese hvitkinngås grounded by the storm and a Black-headed Gull hettemåke.

 Above and below - the first Dotterel boltit for Tjeldstø

 Barnacle Geese hvitkinngås
 Golden Plover heilo
Lapwing vipe chick obeying the frantic cries of its parents and sitting very still in the grass

Singing Lesser Whitethoat møller, at least one Carrion Crow svartkråke and Lapwing vipe chicks were among the usual suspects.

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