Friday, September 09, 2011

West of Shetlands, 30.08-07.09

Not that much in the way of birds but up to four Sooty Shearwater grålire daily, Storm Petrels havsvale and all the usual suspects at sea. Only a few common passerines seen offshore.

Best bird was seen south of Shetlands on the way south to Peterhead - a Citrine Wagtail sitronerle which gave brief flight views as it attempted to land on the deck. The bird also called a few times.

This find highlights once again that vessels are like islands in that they attract a much higher percentage of rarities than mainland locations.....

Citrine Wagtail sitronerle

Location of vessel when the Citrine Wag turned up

Intriguingly a Citrine Wagtail was observed on North Ronaldsay earlier the same day - tempting to think this may have been the same bird...?

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Phil Benstead said...

Nice find!