Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Øygarden 06 December 2011 - Don't land on the ice!

Started clearish and calmish but rapidly deteriorated to a day long snow storm.

 Ice-skating Little Auk alkekonge

 I was heading away from the auk by the time this happened...

It was barely light when I spotted a Little Auk alkekonge out on the ice on Husvatnet. After a few half-hearted attempts at take off it was snatched by one of the local Hooded Crows kråke and carried off. Had it landed on the open water just a few metres away it could easily have dived and escaped....

Male Pochard taffeland on Husvatnet

A male Pochard taffeland on Husvatnet and a couple of flocks of geese also flew over Tjeldstø.

A short boat trip around Alvheim and Solberg produced a couple of Great Northern Divers islom, a few Fieldfare gråtrost, three Starling stær and at least two White-tailed Eagles havørn. But with visibility virtually nil and appalling conditions we gave up and headed home.

Bad news on getting home was that my camera has stopped working....this will no doubt be expensive.

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