Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tjeldstø 29 March 2012 - Unblocking Gadwall!

Fresh northerly and overcast

 Male and female Gadwall snadderand - male centre and female on right hand side. Mallard stokkand on the left.

 Above and below Albrifrons Whitefront tundragås - bottom photograph taken first as it flew in.

After being stuck inside all week I finally got a breath of fresh air. The  walk around the reserve exceeded all expectations with a pair of Gadwall snadderand on Rotevatnet being the highlight - finally unblocking one of my Øygarden bogey birds. The male was easy to spot but I only saw the female in photographs at first and returned for a better look - it was then that the birds took off at long range but looked that they may not have gone far. Gadwall are something of a rarity with up to a several years between records (though I missed the previous one last November).

Shortly the first Whitefront tundragås of the year put in an appearance - a rare March sighting for the area.

Other birds included a sinensis Cormorant mellomskarv on Husvatnet.

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