Thursday, June 07, 2012

Tjeldstø 05 June 2012 - More young ones

Light northerly winds and sunny.

 Crow kråke skull - not sure what this died of but it seemed to have to extra holes in the back of its head
 Newly hatching (and still hatching!) Herring gull gråmåke chicks
 Lapwing vipe chick
Feamle Teal krikkand leading her young to safety

No migrants of note other than a Ringed Plover sandlo feeding beside Husvatnet - an unusual time and place for this species.

More and more species now have young. More Lapwiing vipe, Redshank rødstilk chicks seen today along with at least three Teal krikkand families. Herring Gulls gråmåke are still mainly sitting on eggs but at least one brood had started hatching with a young one in the nest and another on its way out of the egg.

A handful of Arctic Tern rødnebbterne pairs also sitting on eggs.

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