Friday, November 23, 2012

Tjeldstø 23 November 2012 - on my way out now

It now goes without saying that there were very strong southerly winds, that it was pouring with rain and very dull.

Spent the morning updating some pages on my website - this mornings updates were all from Australia and include this total stunner:

 White-tailed Tropicbird
Rainbow Lorikeet

More pictures of birds and other wildlife off Western Australia in August / September 2012 can be seen on this link.

Around 13:00 the weather improved slightly and a stroll around the reserve proved quite productive with highlights being a nice Goshawk hønsehauk, a Lapwing vipe and two flyover Whooper Swans sangsvane. Other stuff inlcluded a big flock of Fieldfare gråtrost (around 300 - not bad for the time of year!), 12+ Redwing rødvingetrost, Waxwings sidensvans and small numbers of Starling stær.

Rather more down to earth image of today's Lapwing vipe

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