Sunday, March 17, 2013

Skogsøy and Tjeldstø 17 March 2013 - More spring

South easterly winds, decent weather.

The thaw continues as does the arrival of more migrants.

Made the classic mistake of sleeping in and thereby ruined what may have been a half-decent day at Skogsøy. Sat for a couple of hours 09:00-11:00 and caught the tail end of the day's migration.

Cormorant storskarv

Shag toppskarv

Highlights were a Red-throated Diver smålom heading north and the a first Black-headed Gulls hettemåke of the year. A couple of Woodcock rugde were almost certainly new in and small numbers of Oystercatcher tjeld were on the move.

Heavily cropped record shot of Mistle Thrush duetrost

At Tjeldstø the Mistle Thrush duetrost showed again, 10 Woodpigeon ringdue were newly arrived and a Siskin grønnsisik turned up in the garden

Some larger flocks of Starling stær were seen various places inlcuded 60 at Breivik and 40 at Tjeldstø.

Another good sighting was a Golden Eagle kongeørn seen flying over Knappen, Toftøy.

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