Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tjeldstø 09 May 2013 - Short-eared Owl

Overcast with drizzle.

Top to bottom Short-eared Owl jordugle, Curlew storpove and Hooded Crow kråke. The Curlew was actually chasing the crow....

 Above and below: heavily cropped record shots of the Short-eared Owl jordugle

For better pictures of Short-eared Owl see this page.

A walk around the reserve gave some half-decent results today with the highlight being a Short-eared Owl jordugle. Some other sightings of note were a male Tufted Duck toppand (the first at Tjeldstø this year!), a pair of Wigeon brunnakke (again the first of the year at Tjeldstø) and the first Cuckoo gjøk of the year in Øygarden.

The long staying Rook kornkråke was also still present.

A noticeable increase in the numbers of singing Willow Warblers løvsanger and Chiff-chaff gransanger since late last week.

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