Monday, September 02, 2013

Herdlevær 28 August - Rose-colured Starling

My Øygarden bogeybird which I have missed on three occasions now turned up at Herdlevær today in the form of a Rose-coloured Starling rosenstær.

Trumpeter Finch trompeterfink

One of three very vocal and rather flighty Red-throated Pipit lappiplerke present at Øra

I was "unfortunately" further afield and had a good day out (mildly put) in south east Norway with Simon Rix where we saw the long staying Trumpeter Finch trompeterfink (the first for Norway), three Red-throated Pipits lappiplerke, several Beared Tit skjeggmeis and plenty more besides.

Would I have preferred to see the Rose-coloured Starling on my home patch? Would you?

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