Sunday, January 05, 2014

Hjelme Vest 05 January 2014 - The first rarity of the year and a great morning out

Wind still largely southerly but much calmer than of late. Light rain at times.

An excellent morning at Hjelme Vest produced some good birds - including the first rarity in the form of Two-barred Crossbill båndkorsnebb - hardly surprising given the numbers that arrived during the autumn. A few flocks of Common Crossbill grankorsnebb and some birds that were good candidates for Parrot Crossbill furukorsnebb.

Other new species for the year included Turnstone steinvender, Curlew storspove, Woodcock rugde, Purple Sandpiper fjæreplytt, Gannet havsule, a couple of Great Northern Diver islom and Black Guillemot teist as well as a number of commoner species.

Of some concern - no Eiders ærfugl - very strange.

Back home at Nautnes work threw a spanner in the works but didn't stop me seeing a hunting Merlin dvergfalk flying past the garden during one of many phone calls......


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