Sunday, April 06, 2014

Nautnes 05 April 2014 - Mink

Overcast with light drizzle at times

Didn't get out for any meaningful birding today. Thankfully others did and the first Ring Ousel ringtrost was reported as well as a Mistle Thrush duetrost.

Yesterday's afternoon high tide brought the corpse of a Greylag grågås floating past the house - I "had to" find out more and dragged the body ashore - with no head and a hole in it's guts I thought that a raptor had killed this bird and that the tide had floated the goose off wherever it was being eaten.

Today a Mink found the corpse - providing entertainment for the girls. For once I didn't set the dog on it. Mink are unfortunately still very common on Øygarden - despite the fact that my dog kills them regularly. I might wait until it gets even tamer before letting the dog do his worst but only after dragging the corpse further away from the sea so that the dog's chances are increased....

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