Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Solberg / Tjeldstø 02 June 2014 - the biggest Norwegian Garden list?

Not really out but a singing Sedge Warbler sivsanger and a Whimbrel småspove at Solberg were almost worth a mention.

At Tjeldstø I found two Eider ærfugl nests and several gull nests - including a Herring gull gråmåke nest where the eggs were hatching.

An almost forgotten web page on my website - the house list ranking page -  produced a very interesting result - the highest garden list in Norway that I have now heard of is 182 - Geir Mobakken on Utsira (where else?!!). I thought my old list at Tjeldstø which ended up on 167 was quite respectable but Geir's is quite possibly unbeatable in Norway......

I took a quick update on my current house list. Exactly 100 behind Mr Mobakken's.......but give it 14 years and I'll be a LOT closer!

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