Monday, September 01, 2014

Tjeldstø 01 September 2014 - First mega of the autumn.

Overcast with southerly winds

Guiding at Tjeldstø proved to be the best choice today. A walk through the reserve produced a singing Wryneck vendehals as the best bird and a selection of the usual autumn migrants including Ruff brushane, Golden Plover heilo, a Ringed Plover sandlo and Teal krikkand.

Note the powerful bill and extensive black on the forehead 

Long primary projection. Peachy front varied with lighting

Approaching the last of the pools at the north end of the reserve a bird suddenly turned up on an overhead wire. It was obviously a shrike - and any shrike is a good find in Øygarden so I was immediately keen to nail the ID. The time of year was off for the more usual Great-grey and closer inspection in the scope showed that it was in fact a male Lesser Grey Shrike rosenvarsler - the first for Øygarden and only the third for the county of Hordaland.

Not sure if the hint mottling on the forehead helps indicate the age

Relatively small white wing patches

The bird was quite flighty (and/or active) and did not allow a close approach so I had to settle for some long range shots and left the bird feeding on large insects - it was seen to catch at least one big beetle.

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