Saturday, October 04, 2014

Herdelvær 04 October 2014 - Good feeling but no cigar

Southerly winds, very mild.

First year Cormorant storskarv

A Merlin dvergfalk was the best bird for me, along with a Jack Snipe kvartbekkasin but the real best bird was a fly over Rough-legged Buzzard fjellvåk.

The Merlin put everything up from my favourite spots so there was little else to see.... A few Red-throated Diver smålom, a Wheatear steinskvett and most of the usual suspects.

Marsh Tit løvmeis

Back home at Nautnes a Black Grouse orrfugl flew over the house, two late Swallows låvesvale headed over as well as flock of 12 Greylags grågås. The Marsh Tit løvmeis came back for a second day but apart from that it was just the usual White-tailed Eagles havørn etc.

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