Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Tjeldstø 05 November 2014 - more dodgy Chiff-chaffs

Light easterly winds and sunny for much of the day - except it rained whilst I was changing the wheels over on my car to winter tyres.

Combined a quick look at Hellesøy with the morning school run. Relatively quiet here with best birds two Grey-headed Woodpecker gråspett. Other stuff worth a mention were a Curlew storspove and a Blackcap munk.

An even more cursory check at Sæle produced a couple each of Chiff-chaff gransanger and Blackcap munk. Seems yesterday's birds were not tristis - they were calling today and sounded quite normal. A late Dunnock jernspurv, a Great-spotted Woodpecker flaggspett and a Willow tit granmeis were among the other birds seen here.

Chiff-chaff gransanger at Tjeldstø

Tjeldstø was relatively quiet but two Yellowhammer gulspurv (scarce migrant here) flew south, a small flock of Long-tailed Tits stjertmeis turned up and there were more Chiff-chaff gransanger and Blackcap munk here too. One of the Chiff-chaff's (not the one pictured here) was noticably buffier and seemingly has an all black bill - all in all a much better candidate for tristis.

Quite a bulky bill on this thing after all...

The probable omissus type Herring Gull gråmåke was again present at Harkestad - but today the bill looked a lot more bulky than it did last time...

Little Auk alkekonge - picture taken from the terrace

Back home the 100th species for the house was a long overdue Little Auk alkekonge that swam past whilst I was making dinner.

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