Thursday, January 08, 2015

Oslo 08 January 2015 - Not Birding Øygarden

Calm and sunny.

Took a stroll around the Botanic Gardens and saw a new for the year for me - other birders and lots of them! However, it was all too "little old lady" for my tastes and I quickly gave up and went home.

However, the lack of proper birding means I have time for other things. One of the gaps in the birding coverage of Øygarden last autumn can at least in part be explained by a trip to Thailand which I have finally managed to publish - see (Not) Birding Thailand. Hope to have (Not) Birding Laos out before too long....

 Not birding Thailand


rixy said...

Did you manage to score down in Grønland to brighten up your afternoon?

Jules said...

Grønland was full of gulls but nothing interesting among them.