Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Herdlevær 24 March 2015 - Another good day in Øygarden

Calm and sunny - fantastic weather!

I started off with Herdlevær where just about the first thing I saw was the long-staying Slav Grebe horndykker. After that things went downhill although there was plenty to see generally including a Jackdaw kaie and a couple of interesting raptors which eluded identification - I'd fallen into the camera ready rather than 'scope ready trap despite having had the camera in my rucksack and my scope ready for most of the walk. Doh!

A Mistle Thrush duetrost at Skogsøy was another welcome bird - it seems like a good year for them in Hordaland and I have missed all the previous birds this year in Øygarden.

Rook kornkråke at Breivik

A Rook kornkråke at Breivik was probably the same bird that has been knocking about for the last week or so.

A drive-by at Tjeldstø gave further distant views of the hybrid gull which is undoubtedly Glaucous polarmåke from one parent. Also at this locality Lapwings vipe were being territorial, there were a couple of Skylark sanglerke present, the lone 2cy Whooper sangsvane remains but it seems the adults have left and a pair of Teal krikkand were still on Husvatnet.

Nautnes, however, was not to be outdone - just about the first bird of the day was a Jay nøtteskrike flying over but this sighting - not at all common in spring was eclipsed by a Marsh Tit løvmeis that turned up in the garden in the late afternoon.

Loads of White-tailed Eagle havørn today including this adult at Tjeldstø

Typically for the time of year and weather conditions it was a real "White-tailed Eagle day" - they were all over the place and at one point I had six in view simultaneously from my terrace.

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