Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Skogsøy 15 July 2015 - A whale of a time

Calm, with light NW winds.

A surprising number of Gannets havsule passed north today during a couple of hours early in the morning with around 80 passing.

Gannet havsule

Great Skua storjo

One of th s year's White Wagtail linerle

Otherwise the avian highlights were rather tame - just a Great Skua storjo and the first Black Guillemot teist for some time. A very unusual sighting was a Crested Tit toppmeis feeding on the rocks along the clifftop.

The first Whimbrel småspove of the autumn also headed south along with small numbers of Common Scoter svartand.

However, the best sighting was at least one whale heading north - almost definitely a Minke Whale.

A cursory check at Tjeldstø produced the long-staying Rook kornkråke.

I was not out in any meaningful way yesterday but managed to see an Eagle Owl hubro at one of the usual places.

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