Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tjeldstø 25 August 2015 - The one that got away?

Light easterly winds, overcast with occasional light drizzle.

Mixed flock of Ruff brushane and Golden Plover heilo

Merlin dvergfalk

Juvenile Whinchat buskskvett

Spent an hour in the reserve at Tjeldstø which proved frustratingly productive - a wader slightly bulkier than the Redshank rødstilk it accompanied and with a white "cigar" on its back flew over. The bird called a few times but I couldn't place the call. Proportion-wise it looked good for a Dowitcher but only a few sounds it made agree with anything I could find on xeno-canto.

Plodding onwards I picked up the usual selection of waders - including over 30 Golden Plover heilo, several Ruff brushane and a few Ringed Plover sandlo.

Other sightings of note were two Kestrel tårnfalk, a nice Merlin dvergfalk and a Whinchat buskskvett family.

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