Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tjeldstø 19 January 2016 - Another bunch of new species

Calm and sunny most of the day with one short snow shower.

Little Auk alkekonge

Redwing rødvingetrost

Woodcock rugde

The fantastic weather continues. Tjeldstø has been grossly neglected of late so it was good to get in a short but quite productive walk there today. Highlights were a few Goldfinch stillits, a couple of Redwing rødvingetrost, a Woodcock rugde and a Little Auk alkekonge. Plenty of other finches there too with Brambling bjørkefink, Redpoll gråsisik and Siskin grønnsisik. Also had my first House Sparrows gråspurv in Øygarden this year.

Solberg was again rather quiet but a couple of Black Guillemot teist, more Redpoll gråsisik and five Starling stær were present.

Brambling bjørkefink

Coal Tit svartmeis

Mealy (Common) Redpoll gråsisik
Brambling bjørkefink

Back home at Nautnes there was plenty too too. Best birds were a distant Great Northern Diver islom on the sea, a Woodcock rugde flying past the terrace, singing Eagle Owl hubro. And a LOT of birds at the feeder - including at least 10 Brambling bjørkefink, Redpolls gråsisik, Siskin grønnsisik and more.

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