Thursday, June 02, 2016

Hernar 02 June 2016 - Late spring migrants

Calm and rather misty to start with, hot and sunny later.

Things looked promising yesterday evening so a trip to Hernar was on the cards for today. A cracking morning on the island produced some decent sightings.

Corncrake åkerrikse

Male Red-backed Shrike tornskate

Just about the first bird I saw after getting off the boat was a nice male Red-backed Shrike tornskate but it was not very cooperative when it came to taking photos. The next best sighting was first one and then TWO singing Corncrakes åkerrikse! At least one of the island's Starling stær was doing a passable mimic so it was hard to tell for sure at first until I heard them both at the same time - and today I even SAW one of them.

Chiff-chaff gransanger

Fieldfare gråtrost have young out and about....

Lesser Redpoll brunsisik

Other migrants were thin on the ground but there was an odd sounding Chiff-chaff gransanger singing and a Spotted Flycatcher gråfluesnapper present. A Kestrel tårnfalk flying over was the first I've seen in Øygarden this year.


Hannah Ballard said...

Hi Jules,

I have a question! We are visiting Bergen in a week and are wondering if there's a good place to see Puffins in the area. Do you have any ideas or spots?


Jules said...

Puffins may still be seen but far from guaranteed. Anywhere as far west as you can get. Skogsøy in øygarden and golten in sund are both places that might work. Views are likely to be distant.

Jules said...

More info on this link