Thursday, August 18, 2016

Herdla and Øygarden 18 August 2016 - Guiding

Calm and overcast over Herdla, hot and sunny in Øygarden.

Kicked off a day guiding at Herdla- racking up well in excess of 50 species including a decent number of waders. A Little Stint dvergsnipe, a few Knot polarsnipe, 60 Ruff brushane and plenty more other waders. Some duck had arrived here too including Common Scoter svartand and Velvet Scoter sjøorre. Other decent birds included a Black Guillemot teist, a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker dvergspett and a Marsh Tit løvmeis.

It was harder work in Øygarden but several of the same wader species were seen here too along with the usual White-tailed Eagle havørn, Crested Tits toppmeis, Twite bergirisk and a Peregrine vandrefalk.

No pictures today as I tend not to use the camera whilst guiding,

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