Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Øygarden 09 November 2016 - Another new for the house list.

SE winds, sunny and cold.

I decided that I needed to go to the "big shops" today to stock up on various things - including sunflower seeds as I am going through around 1.5kg per day at the moment. I thought I would avoid rush traffic and therefore lost much of the rapidly shortening daylight. And got stuck in traffic anyway. Needless to say not much time left for birding.

Bullfinch dompap at Nautnes

Here grabbing something small in the grass - it seemed to be doing well despite the frost.

Chiff-chaff gransanger feeding in long grass

Scaup bergand on Blomvatnet. Another was on Husvatnet, Tjeldstø

Velvet Scoter sjøorre with crab at Svellingen

Migrating Whoopers sangsvane from the terrace. Species #126 from the house

Most of the interest today was from the house / in the garden. A flock of Whoopers sangsvane came in early on and were remarkably a new species for the house list - now #126. Other stuff included a Little Auk alkekonge on the sea, a couple of Bullfinch dompap (not a common species in Øygarden and the first half of November is absolutely the best time for them) and a Chiff-chaff gransanger frantically (and seemingly successfully) feeding in grass.

Single Scaup bergand were seen om Husvatnet, Tjeldstø and on Blomvatnet.

A late Meadow Pipit heipiplerke also at Husvatnet and a relatively large flock of duck on Steinsvatnet comprised of at least 21 Mallard stokkand and two Wigeon brunnakke.

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