Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Breivik 19-20 June 2017 - 2nd Trumpeter Finch for Norway

On 19th June I was at Gatwick airport on my way home when I received a phone call and some exciting text messages from Eirik Adolfsen about a Trumpeter Finch trompetfink at Breivik.  I had to get back to Norway, pop into the office for a couple of hours, spend a couple more tense hours on the bus back to Nautnes, pick up my car and head out to try for it.

Dressed in the same clothes and shoes I travelled in I turned up and thanks to FF found the bird after only a short search. It was rather mobile but gave good enough views.

Early the next morning I obtained more prolonged view but had to leave again after only a short time. Later in the afternoon I returned, this time guiding, and saw the bird better after spending a bit of time looking for it.

This is the second record for Norway and remarkably for someone who does no twitching I have now seen both of them.

Trumpeter Finch trompetfink

Flashback to 28.08.2013 at Øra....the only previous record of this species in Norway

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