Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Skogsøy 04 July 2017 - More Gannet spam

A brisk northerly and rather sunny today.

A selection of Gannets havsule that passed today. Note the plastic rope on the bird in the centre picture. A common sight on Gannets havsule and an indication of just how much rubbish is out there.

This morning it was a case of quantity rather than quality. Nothing very special - just a Great Skua storjo of any interest along with several Guillemot lomvi and a few of the usual auks. 176 Gannets havsule passed in the two hours I was there.

Other than that just a White-tailed Eagle havørn, several Arctic Terns rødnebbterne and the usual. A Lesser Whitethroat møller sang on the way out and the Corncrake åkerrikse was still singing from Herdlevær.

Young Curlew storspove

Elsewhere another adult White-tailed Eagle havørn was present at Tjeldstø and a young Curlew storspove fed at Harkestad - obviously not moved far since it hatched. Once all the houses currently being built have their humans and associated cats in them these birds will have an even harder time of things.

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