Thursday, April 05, 2018

Engerdal Late March - Early April - Eastern Easter

I spent Easter in eastern Norway. The contrast between migration and flowers in bloom at my house to metres of snow and temperatures down to -20 C could not have been greater.

Hazel Grouse jerpe - a typical view

Some wonderful skiing in fantastic weather did not produce the usual specialities - although there were plenty of tracks of various game birds and a distant flock of large finches which were very likely to have been Pine Grosbeak konglebit.  I did connect with Hazel Grouse jerpe a few times at a regular site I have for this species, had drumming Black Woodpecker svartspett from the garden and saw some small signs of spring migration in the form of Whoopers sangsvane arriving to a completely frozen lake and a Blackbird svarttrost.

Pygmy Owl spurveugle

A stopover at Hamar produced a cracking Pygmy Owl spurveugle being mobbed by a flock of tits.

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