Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Øygarden 02 May 2006

Eurasian Teal krikkand resting on the sea at Skogsøy

Common Greenshank gluttesnipe at Tjeldstø

No White-billed Diver today, and not many Red-throated either. Best birds were a party of four Northern Pintail stjertand heading north, next best was a Common Shelduck gravand (both species rarer than White-billed Diver at Skogsøy!). Good numbers of Common Scoter svartand migrating with over 660 logged today - this species is probably reaching the peak of its migration now. Nortern Fulmar havhest, Great Skua storjo and a flock of Eurasian Golden Plover heilo also noted.
A few small flocks of Barnacle Geese hvitkingås went north again today, but it seems the big numbers have yet to pass.

At Tjeldstø the first Greenshank gluttesnipe of the year sat beside Rotevatnet, where three Whooper Swan sangsvane are still present - very late record for this species.

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