Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breivik 18 November 2011 - Wild Goose Chase

Very strong southerly winds and constant driving rain. Truly foul conditions.

Plenty of gesse but playing hard to get in the, to put it mildly, difficult conditions. At least 30 Greylags grågås was a respectable flock for the time of year. A single Bean Goose sædgås thankfully called as it passed quite close overhead, Pinkfeet kortnebbgås also heard and a flock of 10-15 birds were probably this species. A flock of seven smaller geese could well have been White-fronts tundragås.

Tried following the elusive gesse from field to field but only really managed to pin down the Greylags grågås. In the end I admitted degeat and went home....

Other stuff included an unseasonal flock of 11 Lapwing vipe and a flock of Starling stær.

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