Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Øygarden 30 November 2011 - Great Northern Diver

Gale force winds yet again but only a few showers.

Started the day in the north of Øygarden but had very little of interest there. No noticable movements over the sea or the fjord. A small flock of Redwings rødvingetrost at Hellesøy were the only thing almost worth mentioning.

A few late Woodpigeon ringdue and a Rock pipit skjærpiplerke were the best of what little there was at Sæle.

Jackdaw kaie - a late autumn migrant

A Jackdaw kaie at Skjold after I'd given up and was on my way home was the bird of the day in an Øygarden context and proof that new stuff must still be coming in....First of the autumn for me.

 First year Great Northern Diver islom

The daily chores proved altogether more productive with nice views of a first year Great Northern Diver islom at Heggøy.

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