Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Dåvøy 08 February 2012 - Slav grebes

Overcast with cold southerly winds. The thaw continues but very slowly with temperatures hovering just above freezing.

Heavily cropped record shot of two Slavonian Grebes horndykker

Many Herring Gulls gråmåke are well on the way to summer plumage - starting to look clean and smart

A quick look at Dåvøy produced two Slavonian Grebes (Horned Grebe these days I suppose) horndykker - a nice surprise and the first of the year in Øygarden. Also present were at least four Common Snipe enkeltbekkasin and a Rock Pipit skjærpiplerke.

An adult White-tailed Eagle havørn had obviously torn something apart on the shore - chunks of meat were spread all over. Looked like it might once have been a bird of some kind.

A slight increase in the Heron gråhegre roost there - now 19 birds present.

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