Monday, February 06, 2012

Skogsøy 06 February 2012 - Little Grebe and more

Best weather for ages - milder conditions set a big thaw off during the night. Overcast with light southerly winds.

A roadside Water Rail vannriske meant the morning school run took rather longer than strictly necessary...

The morning school run produced the surprise of the day - a roadside Water Rail vannriske was quite confiding. It ignored passing vehicles until it was scared off by a snow plough...

Skogsøy was relatively quiet but there was a moderate passage of Kittiwakes krykkje heading north (26 in an hour). Smaller numbers of other gulls also on the move. Just one Little Auk alkekonge passed. Best bird at Skogsøy was a Little Grebe dvergdykker feeding on the lagoons to the south of the lookout point.

Woodcock rugde still very much in evidence with fresh tracks in the woods and a sighting of another bird.

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