Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Herdlevær 14 September 2015 - Politics and Superstition

The fantastic conditions continue....

The perfect conditions seem never-ending - but seem to be too good to ground anything rare. Best birds today were a flock of eight Black-tailed Godwits svarthalespove which passed Herdlevær. Otherwise it was more of the same with smaller raptors dominating the action.

Birds seen from the house included a Peregrine vandrefalk and a Goshawk hønsehauk.

To top it all - and in a strangely prophetic manner - I heard at least one Eagle Owl hubro giving alarm calls from the terrace after dark - at the time I was watching the results of the local elections held today. It seems the Eagle Owl hubro knew it that it is doomed as s viable species out here (and quite possibly in the country as a whole). Most of the political parties seem to be going for putting all of Øygarden  under a THICK layer of concrete and allowing / encouraging everyone to build as much as humanely possible wherever they want to, All in all a very apt sighting.

One party, however, was for keeping farmland, putting high voltage cables in the ground and a number of other commendable ideas. Unfortunately they have little or no chance of achieving their goals, Interesting the environmental party didn't even have a candidate in Øygarden, Says it all really....

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