Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nautnes 10 September 2015 - Finally plugged that hole in the list...

Sunny, warm and a hint of easterly winds

Highlight of the daywas a Rosy Starling rosenstær on a telephone line outside the house - species #107 from the house. Wicked. I have to acknowledge Mrs Naturalbornbirder's contribution to this find  - I was busy downloading pictures of an interesting harrtier when I was called outside to look at yet another flock of Starling stær - at least 700 passed the house- but this flock stopped and contained my Øygarden bogeybird.

The Hernar harrier, seen earlier heading north past Turøy looked quite small

The underwing pattern and four primaries look good for Pallid....

Knot polarsnipe

First year Rosy Starling rosenstær

Sanderling sandløper

The morning was spent on Hernar which produced a Barred Warbler Hauksanger and an interesting harrier which showed some features of Pallid Harrier steppehauk. Jury is still out but it could still swing thant way....

On the islands offshore Sanderling sandløper, Knot polarsnipe, Grey Plover tundralo, Peregrine vandrefalk and most of the usual suspects were seen.

As a bonus some excellent Northern Lights displays both yesterday evening and tonight. Wicked.

Its great to be back! Roll on tomorrow.....

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