Saturday, April 23, 2016

20 March - 20 April Birding Exile

I don't think I've not been birding for as long as this in my life.

I left Øygarden and spend several days in Engerdal, Hedmark (eastern Norway) in late March where I did just about get out of the house. Here spring was not terribly obvious but it produced the usual highlights in the form of Siberian Jays lavskrike, Golden Eagles kongeørn (inlcuding three together at one point).

Dipper fossekall in Engerdal

Golden Eagles kongeørn, Engerdal

A week with the family in Northumberland at the end of March with no birding time resulted in the first Sandwich Terns splitterne of the year along with a bunch of other migrants and a few Med Gulls svartehavsmåke - but all just incidental stuff really.

A selection of Med Gulls svartehavsmåke at Newbiggin-by-the-sea, Northumberland

Things went very downhill from there......

To make matters worse I missed a Great Egret egretthegre at Tjeldstø whilst I was away. Gutted.

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