Monday, May 09, 2016

Herdlevær 09 May 2016 - Pipit head-scratcher

Calm, sunny and HOT

Streaked rump

P5 looking too long to be RT

Not quite sure what this means yet but best to document

More of a super than on most Meadow Pipits

At first glance a Meadow Pipit heipiplerke

A pipit caught in the nets at Herdlevær was a bit of a head-scratcher - not quite fitting anything quite right. It had rather dark legs, a streaked rump, wingth length right at the very top end for Meadow pipit (but fitting other stuff instead).At the time of writing my money is on a strange Meadow Pipit, but it could be all kinds of things, possibly even a hybrid.

Also picked up a female Black Redstart svartrødstjert - probably the same bird found here a couple of days ago.

Common Seal steinkobbe

A Common Seal steinkobbe was very close in and made the water look most inviting.....

Otherwise Cuckoos gjøk now all over the place and a singing Sedge Warbler sivsanger at the usual place was the first of the year for me.

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